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Her Majesty Queen Letizia

Vocational Training is the essential educational instrument that can reorient the economic model, foster personal and professional development and which, ultimately, serves to improve society as a whole

Madrid, 4.4.2011


"... Cancer knows no borders and this social perspective of research is a global imperative. The comprehensive equity that we seek -and is so relevant to this WCRD- is strikingly exemplified on something that we have been hearing for decades about its importance, but still today lacks the true investment required: that is PREVENTION. ..."

Speech by H.M. the Queen in the World Cancer Research Day 2022

Centro de Investigación en Cáncer de la Universidad de Columbia. Nueva York (Estados Unidos), 21.9.2022S.M. la Reina


Her Majesty the Queen Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano was born in Oviedo on 15 September 1972, and is the daughter of Jesús Ortiz Álvarez and Paloma Rocasolano Rodríguez.


Official Visits

Viaje de Cooperación a la República Islámica de Mauritania

Doña Letizia observa el trabajo de los pescadores a su llegada tras la jornada de pesca
Nuakchot (República Islámica de Mauritania), 31.5.2022/2.6.2022

Biographical Album

Boda de SS.AA.RR. Los Príncipes de Asturias Official photograph of H.R.H. the Princess of Asturias.© Casa Real5/22/2004.
Official Photographs