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His Majesty King Felipe VI

In times to come, there is a need for a new mentality, an active spirit, and an entrepreneurial attitude, which, together with hope and a good education, will be a stimulus for your lives. To your benefit, and to the benefit of Spain as a whole

Girona, 22.6.2011


"... This visit has served to symbolize and reinforce the outstanding relations between our respective nations. The whole journey has been truly enriching and rewarding, as we have had the opportunity to carry out a comprehensive program focusing on some of those issues and areas of interest to both countries, bringing us closer together and encouraging us to continue working together ..."

Palabras de Su Majestad el Rey en la recepción en honor de Sus Majestades los Reyes de los Países Bajos

Países Bajos, 18.4.2024S.M. el Rey


Mensaje de S.M. el Rey en su proclamación ante las Cortes Generales
Congreso de los Diputados. Madrid, 19.06.2014
Álbum Biográfico
Official Photographs