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The Monarchy through History

"Regnorum Hispaniae nova descriptio". 1631. Willem Blaeu.


The Monarchy in its different conceptions and modes, has been the prevalent form of government or the institution holding the utmost political power in Spain and its adjacent territories throughout history. Hence the political and institutional history of Spain, like that of other European countries, is, in part, the history of its Monarchy and its kings and queens.

Royal Estates

Royal Estates

Patrimonio Nacional (National Heritage) administers and manages the assets ceded to the State by the Crown, which has preserved the rights to their use, and has, among others, a threefold objective: make available to all citizens one of Europe's most important cultural ensembles; preserve and restore its movable and immovable assets; and conserve and respect the environment, flora and fauna of the forests and gardens it administers.