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A Súa Maxestade o Rei Felipe VI

As vítimas do terrorismo e os seus familiares son referentes de sacrificio, exemplos de dignidade e símbolos da firmeza dos nosos valores e principios, e acicate do noso compromiso ineludible de acabar co terrorismo

Paris, 15.9.2011


"... Never before has this Palace embraced and seated such a large number of top World Leaders at a time. This is not the first time −however− these walls and tapestries have witnessed a NATO gathering of this nature. It happened in 1997, also in times of intense change and reshaping…, not only in Europe. Twenty-five years ago, inspired by the legitimate aspirations of a considerable number of Eastern European countries, NATO decided to take the first step towards an enlargement process that would hopefully −and definitely− overcome the Cold War. Well, we cannot ignore the profound symbolism that connects these two historic moments in which Spain and the city of Madrid have welcomed NATO for its annual summit. Tomorrow will be the first day of the Summit on the Alliance’s future. Precisely because it is the Summit on NATO’s future, and it takes place under the backdrop of a war in Europe with pervasive global consequences, this Summit is very much set to go down in history. The Alliance has chosen Spain as the place in which to write its new chapter, destined to help us sail into the future and across these unchartered and uncertain waters. Our hope —our wish— is for it to be a safer and more peaceful future, for all those we represent and for the world at large. A new era may be dawning for NATO, here in Madrid. ..."

Palabras de Su Majestad el Rey en la cena ofrecida a las delegaciones de jefes de Estado y de Gobierno asistentes a la Cumbre de la Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte (OTAN)

28.6.2022S.M. el Rey


Mensaje de S.M. el Rey en su proclamación ante las Cortes Generales
Congreso de los Diputados. Madrid, 19.06.2014
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